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People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.Simon Sinek

People of influence have an incredible opportunity to engage and inspire others with their story and their purpose. People are intrigued with elitism, status, passion and story. It is The Own It Project’s job to work with those of influence to understand and articulate their ‘why’ – and therefore help to commercialise and package them as a brand.

By building their brand we build their profile, streamline their performance and add structure and confidence to their story, service, product or pitch.

How do we do it?

Commercialising your Personal Brand involves 5 steps:

    1. A 2 hour meeting with The Own It Project, here we will discuss YOU – find out your story, who you are, your why, your dreams, your goals and hopes for your personal brand.
    2. We take this information from our meeting away and turn it into profile collateral. It is with this information that we are then able to create your professional personal marketing strategy; including a design for your own business cards.
    3. This content is then given to our content writer who develops the magic in words to show the world who you are and why you do what you do.
    4. Our content writer provides this information to our web creator. Our web creator will have a 1 hour meeting with you to discuss the creation process and within 4 weeks you will have your own personal website launched promoting who you are, what you do and where you want to go
    5. You go out and own your personal brand – using your profile, website and business cards to promote yourself and where you want to go in the world.

Why should you do it?

If you’re someone of influence, looking to do more in the world with your name and your passion then this service is for you.

The feeling of losing your true identity as a person of influence is all too common. The number of athletes for example that talk about “the silence” of life after sport is astounding. More often than not people seem to believe that they are defined by what makes them influential; eg an elite athlete being defined by their sport; rather than being defined by who you are as a person.

We want to give the ownership back to the individual – allowing them to use their name and personal brand to drive them to their successes.

If you’re an athlete wanting to get into public speaking outside of sport to share your story; this is for you.

If you’re a social media identity; wanting to expand from platforms such as Instagram and do something with your name, this is for you.

If you’re a semi pro in the media world; someone who has been on tv or radio – has a following but no direction, this is for you.

If you’re a transitioning athlete; unsure of where to go to from here? this is for you.

If you’re an up and coming musician; no website or promotional material (how are people going to find you??) this is for you!

Wanting to be influential? Use your passion to start up a new business outside of what you do daily? We can help you to!

Talent we have worked with

Danielle Kettlewell
Olympic Synchronized Swimmer
Public Speaker

Danielle came to The Own It Project is search of direction on how to promote herself as a public speaker. Danielle wanted to positively influence people with her story of reaching her dreams and begin to build her name outside of her sport. In saying this however; she is extremely passionate about promoting synchronized swimming to the general public and showing just how tough the sport is and why it deserves your respect.

“Through sharing my unique Olympic experience, I believe that my story greatly parallels relatable lessons in all aspects of life; that a passion for doing what you love can bring forward unbelievable opportunities and with a douse of courage, sacrifice and an open mind, great things can be achieved”. Danielle Kettlewell.
Visit Danielle's Profile on Pickstar

Becchara Palmer
Olympic Beach Volleyballer
Public Speaker

Becchara Palmer came to The Own It Project as a professional Beach Volleyball player wanting to do more. Becchara wanted to get into the world of corporate public speaking, but needed clarity on which parts of her story could have the biggest impact.. The Own It Project set Becchara up with a personal marketing strategy; including a professionally made promotional video, refreshed profile and a structured version of her story that is specifically targeted for corporate companies.
Becharra is now training to reach her second Olympics in 2020 as well as actively guest speaking across Australia.

Visit Becchara's Website

Emily Beaton
Retired Adelaide Thunderbirds Netballer
Owner of Cleverhand
Public Speaker

Emily came to The Own It Project as a recently retired Adelaide Thunderbird’s player with an established business called Cleverhand. Emily has always been passionate about talking to young people and up and coming athletes about the importance of self worth, understanding who you are and not being defined by anything other than you! Emily wanted to work with The Own It Project to improve her delivery and create a polished experience for her audience.

The Own It Project was able to give Emily provide public speaking sessions to improve Emily’s delivery and provide her with a new profile targeting the public speaking market. Emily is now an incredibly confident speaker with the ability to genuinely make a positive difference in young peoples lives.
Visit Emily's Cleverhand website

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