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The Reconnect Breakfast: Build, grow and reconnect with a new network.

Here at The Own It Project, we want to bring people together who have a drive to make sh*t happen for themselves and their businesses.

We see so much potential in people ‘reconnecting’, with themselves and the people who surround them; this is why we have decided to call our casual fortnightly catch up The Reconnect Breakfast.

What is Reconnect?

Each catch up will give you the opportunity to help yourself, help others, talk about what you do, refer work, gain business, develop friendships, practice networking and eat some great food.

How much?

For only $25, we will enjoy breakfast, great coffee and sensational company. We would love you to join us; book a spot today!

Why Reconnect?

Surrounding yourself with new people can bring a different dynamic to the way you do business and the way you engage and connect in general daily life.

Where is it?

We couldn’t think of a better place to host our Reconnect Breakfast but at Bond & Lane Canteen – Lou and the team there are so warn and wonderful….oh and food and coffee are sensational!!!!

Book in for our fortnightly Reconnect Breakfast

  • When: Fortnightly from Wednesday 2nd November
    Time: 7-8am
    Where: Bond & Lane Cafe – 1 Salisbury Crescent, Colonel Light Gardens
    Cost: Only $25 each Breakfast
  • Whats in it for me?:
    + Build a new network
    + Engage with like-minded people
    + Solve your business problems
    + Build a business profile
    + Business knowledge transfer
    + Delicious Breakfast & Coffee

    Let’s Reconnect.

Book In!
“Being able to relate to, and their willingness to share their personal stories and experiences helped everyone connect. It was lighthearted, but engaging at the same time… and more importantly it gave me the confidence in my worth and value. I applied for a new job whilst doing Reconnect, interviewed straight after, and negotiated my way into a new role!”Sally, Reconnect Participant

Reconnect is a no bullsh*t program to help you change your business and personal world. But, the magic only happens when you’re open and honest – with us yes, but more importantly, with yourself.

Reconnect is like no other networking or self-development program. It’s the evolution of you – a YOUvolution! Let’s bring it back to basics – your personal brand and why you do what you do.

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