We’ve all got one brand. So start owning it and everything it stands for!

Own It Youth Program is designed to provide motivation, education and inspiration in schools through stories and life experiences. A holistic approach to mental and physical health and wellbeing is the key to the projects success.

The Own It Project has a goal to positively change a generation and start to instil old fashioned life lessons in your students to teach them the power of “Own It”.

Our project is unique because our passion to make a difference stems from personal experience. 

Think back to some of the most important life lessons you have had. Have these life lessons been from a textbook? Or have they been from a story passed down from older members of your family? Or maybe an experience you have been through that has made you a stronger person?

We do not need a specific qualification to tell our personal life story. We provide a form of positive psychology in a non clinical way – by surrounding our youth with positive people to create more positive and inspiring people. 

Where did you develop your morals, beliefs and core values? 

Where did you learn to stand up for yourself and believe in yourself?
Was it from something you read, or by watching someone in your life do it before you?

The Own It Projects youth program is about tackling the big topics on the same level as our youth. It is about having open discussions, sharing stories and allowing young people to obtain life lessons without necessarily having to go through the experience themselves.

We share these stories so that our youth of today can begin to develop their own personal brand and have ownership over it. 

Learning the power of OWN IT is like no other:
+ owning your body
+ owning your choices
+ owning your failures
+ owning your responsibilities
+ owning your morals and beliefs
+ owning you!

This unique engagement with people and genuine care is why this project is like no other.

Go out and #ownit!

We’ve all got one brand. So start owning it and everything it stands for!

With the help of our incredible mentors The Own It Project is able to provide a range of topics to your students, giving them a vast array of life lessons, conversation starters and passion drivers.

Click to open pdf outlining our eight topics and how The Own It project fits into the Australian Curriculum.

Own It Youth has 4 primary services:

+ A 1.5 hour workshop (covering 1 topic of your choice)

+ A 3 hour workshop (covering 2 topics of your choice)

+ 4 week program; one 60 minute session per week (4 topics)

+ 8 week program; one 60 minute session per week (8 topics)

Each session is structured to provide the best benefit to your students. A session will run once a week for 60 minutes for the duration of your chosen program. These sessions start with a run down of the topic and what it means, followed by a true and raw life lesson from the particular mentor conducting the session which is then finished with an activity that all students participate in to really cement the idea of said topic into their minds. 

We believe in hands on learning and team engagement and that is why we always finish our sessions with a themed activity and summary of the session itself so we are certain that all students have had their lightbulb moment.

Added Extras!

During your schools time with The Own It Project we also offer physical bootcamps for students to attend outside of school hours as an optional extra. 
We are huge believers in coupling positive mental health with positive physical health, which is why we offer these fun, fitness bootcamps. 
These bootcamps are run by qualified trainers and are often assisted by mentors such as Olympians, Army officers and elite athletes.

For every 4 or 8 week program that is purchased, The Own It Project provides an optional FREE 1 hour Social Media Workshop for parents of students involved in the program.

Social media plays a huge part in your child’s life. Is it all bad? No, not at all. Is it all good? No, not at all! We understand parents struggle to keep up with #socialmedia so we have designed an intensive session that will educate and generate great conversation around social media.

People today have a hard enough job in upholding a personal brand, without social media being a focus within their world. 

So how can parents help talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of social media with their children?

This program is aimed to help parents understand the digital space. The discussion in this session will be around ‘how can the digital space help my child’? You never know, they might have the next big idea. It’s not all bad, it’s just about being aware and having the right conversations with your children, making yourself aware of their world.

Below are the objectives and life lessons that lay ahead in the rest of the program.

+ Finding confidence in YOU
+ Self Worth
+ Shifting the focus
+ When I grow up/Backing yourself
+ Being Selfish and Being Selfless
+ Decision making
+ What makes you tick
+ What my brand looks like
+ Power of owning your decisions/choices

What other benefits will be received:

+ A5 work book per student. Purely to record their thoughts, moments, tips & tricks
+ Quality time with trusted and positives mentors
+ The bootcamp: There are multiple physical, social, emotional and academic benefits of being physically active everyday.
+ Katherine and Kristen: both past athletes; believe that physical activity is often over looked by young people these days and they are not happy about it!
+ The Own It Project combines physical bootcamps and expression sessions to make it a powerhouse project for schools.
+ The bootcamps however are not just your average group training session. Each bootcamp is specifically designed to match the lesson being taught in the expression session that will follow.
+ The students will not only be improving their physical health through activity, but they will start to put the lessons they are being taught into a practical scene.
+ At the end of the 10 weeks we can provide the school with the appropriate reports to show the progress
of the students through this program. This can be compiled from the data collected via the app over the course of the program.

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