What do we do?

Katherine & Kristen have a mission to positively impact as many lives as possible through their three primary programs, here is a snap shot of all three.

Own It Youth Program

The Own It Project in Schools has a focus on the youth of today – educating and teaching them how to create their own Personal Brand. We aim to open their world up to the power of knowing who they are and owning that.

Through positive mentoring, these students are exposed to topics such as but not limited to; self worth, confidence, team work, resilience, social media, mental health, nutrition and physical fitness.

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People of influence have an incredible opportunity to engage and inspire others with their story and their purpose. People are intrigued with elitism, status, passion and story. It is The Own It Project’s job to work with those of influence to understand and articulate their ‘why’ – and therefore help to commercialise and package them as a brand.

By building their brand we build their profile, streamline their performance and add structure and confidence to their story, service, product or pitch.

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The Own It Project’s “Reconnect” is the next best thing in self development programs. Reconnect is a no bullsh*t program used to empower you to get out there and OWN IT! Each Reconnect program is specifically designed and targeted at a particular audience.
Topics covered include but are not limited to:
+ Renew your personal brand
+ Revisit life lessons
+ Relaunch your personal marketing strategy
+ Reconnect with the power of a network.

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