“I’m an experienced special event manager in Adelaide who has recently been faced with the hurdle of redundancy due to business restructure.

One of the first things I knew that I had to do immediately was reach out to my industry network to seek support in ways of references and potential opportunities. During this process I’d remembered that Kristen (who I’d formed a working relationship with when she was working for Santos) had also been through this situation so I gave her a call to seek out any further advice and to catch up for a coffee.

I’d also seen a bit of PR of her ‘Own It Project’ and was intrigued to find out more about the program. I met with Kristen and Katherine and I was blown away by their positive energy! They helped me to bring out my passion and to not let anything get in the way of securing my next opportunity!

They helped me with my confidence to consider my options as a contractor of my event management services and to realize that only I am in control my future successes!
I’m a no.1 supporter for what these ladies have to offer and look forward to what the future brings.” Candice, 28 - Event Manager, Adelaide

“A special mention must go out to Katherine @theownitproject who challenged my thinking and who has given me the thought starters to have my epiphany moment and embrace me for me!

This challenge and my results are as much for me as they are for everyone else who silently or opening lacks the self confidence and self love to embrace what reflects back at you when you look in the mirror.”Allana Hinks - Own It Project client

“These driven and passionate women have come together to create programs with one main goal in mind, for you to Own It! Now, before we lose you to thoughts of “inspirational” Instagram quotes, self help novels and Oprah this is certainly NOT that.

These programs, but more so these women, are gritty, raw and inspirational in a sense of the word that is rarely otherwise touched on.”Hannah Pendlebury - Glam Adelaide

“Being an elite athlete isn’t all about winning medals, it’s so much
more than that.

The Own It Project teaches our aspiring athletes what it really means, it teaches them how to be a great teammate, what being a respectful player and athlete looks like and it empowers them to not only reach their potential as athletes, but also as growing human beings.

The project teaches our budding athletes what it means to work smart, how to lead others and what it looks like to take responsibility for your actions. This work is priceless and I’m proud to be part of it!” Becchara Palmer - Olympic Volleyballer

“The Own It Project is an excellent initiative promoting a positive change in everyday people and empowering all to make a difference in their everyday lives. I was pleased to have Kristen and Katherine from the Project as speakers and partners for an event I held at the Adelaide Town Hall on ‘The City of Adelaide’s Women’.

Their inspirational stories, shared with the 140 strong audience, was extremely well received. They spoke openly about their past challenges and the tools they used to continue on in life.

Their presentation and speaking ability are of a high calibre, yet they also come across as very relatable.

They are open and honest and in being so, help empower their audiences to acknowledge the changes they may need to make in their own lives. I highly recommend Kristen and Katherine and believe they can best be described as ‘positive, empowering, energetic and ‘Owning It’!”Genevieve Theseira-Haese - Lady Mayoress of Adelaide

“The Own It Project is extremely enthusiastic about their work and empowering others to take ownership of their career and develop confidence that lies within. Their generous nature is infectious and refreshing to see.”Adrian Fahey - Quality Officer at Cara Inc.

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