Mission Statement:

The Own It Project has a mission to empower people from all walks of life with skills and knowledge to understand how they can change their own world. Our aim is to grow and develop people’s passion for their personal brand and motivate them to get our their and Own It.

We aim to improve people’s health, self esteem, mental strength, self belief and successes. We aim to provide people with the tools to own who they are and the decisions that they make.

We aim to surround people with positive and inspirational mentors. These mentors will help guide and build each individual’s personal brand through education, stories and experience, empowering each of them with the skills and knowledge to change their own world.

Vision Statement:

The Own It Project’s vision is to build a positive generation of people who have been empowered and educated through strategic mentoring. We aspire to be a nation-wide project that builds awareness and understanding about the importance of making a decision and owning it.

We have a vision to guide and empower people to understand how they are the only ones who can change their own lives.

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